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Table of Contents for The World's Greatest Treasury Of Health Secrets

Chapter 1: Best Of Bests Chapter 14: Growing Older--Healthier
Chapter 2: Everyday Remedies Chapter 15: Taking Care Of The Outer You--Your Skin
Chapter 3: Heart Matters Chapter 16: Health Alerts
Chapter 4: Your Doctor And You Chapter 17: Weight Success
Chapter 5: The Truth About Medicines Chapter 18: Healthy Attitudes For Your Work And Home Environment
Chapter 6: Health Secrets For Women Chapter 19: Taking Care Of Your Eyes, Ears And Teeth
Chapter 7: The Healthy Family Chapter 20: Keeping Fit Pays Off
Chapter 8: Reduce Stress, Lengthen Lives Chapter 21: The Whole You-- The Mind/Body Connection
Chapter 9: Hospital And Surgery Awareness Chapter 22: Natural Ways And Herbal Solutions
Chapter 10: Health Secrets For Men Chapter 23: Health Care Smarts
Chapter 11: Food And Nutrition Tips For A Healthier You Chapter 24: Emotional Health Means A Happier You
Chapter 12: Vitamins And Minerals Savvy Chapter 25: New Ways For The 21st Century
Chapter 13: For A Healthy Sex Life Index
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Chapter 1: Best Of Bests


The Time/Health Connection 1
How To Stop Worrying About Disease 3
Creating Your Medical Family Tree To Save Your Life 4
Secrets To Staying Healthy -- And Happy -- While Traveling 5
How To Read Your Body's Messages 7
Dr. Joyce Brothers's Secrets Of Winning The Ever-Changing Game Of Life 9
Use It... Or Lose It Physically... Mentally 11
12 Quick And Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health 13
Advice On How To Give Advice To Others 14
How To Survive Natural Disasters... Hurricanes... Earthquakes... Floods, etc. 16
How To Avoid The All-Too-Common Common Cold 17
How To Stop Sinusitis 19
Indigestion... How To Be Rid Of It Forever! 20
Cosmetic Surgery... The Best Solutions 22
All About Dizziness 23
How To Win The Chronic-Pain War 25
Beating Arthritis Pain 27
Beating Joint Pain 29
Beating Migraines 31
Best Ways To Prevent Colon Cancer 33
Aspirin Therapy Reduces Colon Cancer Risk 34
Prostate Cancer: What Every Man Must Know Now 34
Colon Cancer Self-Defense Essentials 36
Often-Overlooked Causes Of Chronic Fatigue 38
High Blood Pressure... The Silent Killer 40
Lifesaving Breakthroughs In Stroke Treatment 41
For Serious Medical Emergencies 43
Easy Ways To Save Big Money On Prescription Drugs 44
The Importance Of Support Groups For Chronic Illness 45
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Chapter 2: Everyday Remedies


The Ultimate Guide To Infectious Disease 47
Everything You Need To Know About Bacteria! 49
How To Stay Healthy On Your Next Airplane Flight 49
Water Therapy For Common Ailments 50
How To Feel And Look Younger 51
How To Break Bad Habits 51
Simple Solutions For Incontinence 52
Hemorrhoid Self-Defense 53
Prevention And Treatment Of Common Foot Problems 53
Heel Pain Relief 55
Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves 56
Extend The Life Of Athletic Shoes 56
Emergency Ice Packs 56
CPR To The Rescue 56
Music Fights Insomnia 56
How To Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer 57
Can't Sleep? 57
Help For People Who Can't Fall Asleep 57
Elevation And Breathing 57
Control Pet Allergies 57
Feeling Forgetful? 58
Does Drinking Coffee Help Control Hay Fever? 58
All About Home Testing 58
Bee Sting First Aid 58
For Heartburn Relief... 58
Drink Up! 59
Three Quick Massages 59
Headache Prevention 59
Avoiding Headache Triggers 59
Headache Relief 59
Beat Heartburn Without Drugs 60
For Better Driving with Arthritis... 60
Arthritis In The Kitchen 60
Homemade Heating Pad 60
To Stop A Nosebleed... 60
Better Dandruff Shampoo Use 61
Tongue Scraping 61
Better Toothbrushing 61
Avoid Bad Breath 61
Jaw Pain Relief 62
Bike Helmet Fact 62
Quick Cures 62
Painless Adhesive Bandage Removal 62
Neck Pain Relief 62
Natural Air Filters 62
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Chapter 3: Heart Matters


It's Never Too Late To Start Taking Care Of Your Heart 63
Preventing Heart Disease 65
Eating Right For A Healthy Heart And Long Life 67
Heart Disease And Weight 68
How To Survive A Heart Attack 68
A Benefit Of Having Friends 70
Heart Trouble Predictor 70
Longer Life 70
Warning Signs Of Angina Pectoris 70
Hypertension... What You Need To Know 71
High Blood Pressure Mistakes Can Easily Be Avoided 72
Systolic Blood Pressure Risk 74
Best Place To Take Your Blood Pressure 74
Angioplasty Trap 74
How Effective Are Implantable Defibrillators? 75
Beating Heart Disease: When Surgery Is Necessary... And When It's Not 75
What To Do When The Doctor Says Bypass Surgery 77
Better Bypass Surgery 78
New Surgical Procedure For Heart Failure Sufferers 78
Open-Heart Surgery Breakthrough 79
Saving Your Heart Without Bypass Surgery... Without Angioplasty 79
Bypass Surgery Dangers Are Real 81
New And Better Ways To Keep Cholesterol Under Control 81
For A Better Echocardiogram 82
Aspirin And Anger 83
Better Than Aspirin 83
Heart Health Trap 83
Work Hours May Be Hazardous 83
Cholesterol Drug Benefits 83
Helping Blood Vessels Work Properly 84
Best Heart Disease Treatment 84
Easy Disease Risk Reducer 84
A Smoke-Free World 84
Timing Is Critical 85
Height and Heart Disease 85
Even A Little Is Too Much 85
Test Results Can Vary 85
Exercise And Heart Attack 85
More Harm Than Good? 86
Hooray! Heart Help! 86
Hunting Danger 86
Personality Danger 86
Mother's Diet And Heart Disease Link 87
Fish Oil And Heart Attacks 87
Cutting Heart Attack Death Risks 87
Beta-Blockers And Heart Attacks 87
Garlic And Cholesterol Link 87
Psychological Stress Danger 88
Triglyceride Levels 88
Stroke Risk Reduction 88
Early Treatment Is Best 88
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Chapter 4: Your Doctor And You


The Smart Way To Pick A Physician 89
How To Get The Most From Your Doctor–Patient Relationship 90
How To Get The Best Care From Your Doctor 91
How To Get The Most From Your HMO 93
How To Get The Very Best Possible Medical Care 94
Questions To Ask When Your Doctor Recommends A Specialist 95
How To Find A Doctor Of Alternative Medicine 96
Is Your Doctor Listening? 96
Better Doctor–Patient Communications 97
The Right Way To Talk To Your Doctor 97
Is There Something Your Doctor Isn't Telling You? 98
Protect Yourself From Your Doctor's Financial Interests 99
To Take Charge Of Your Medical Care... 100
To Control Your Medical Costs... 100
GPs Often Err When Prescribing Psychiatric Drugs 101
To Prevent High Blood Pressure In The Doctor's Office 101
Dirty Hands And Doctors 101
Medical Hygiene 101
Is Your Doctor Up-to-Date? 101
MDs And Continuing Education 102
Plan Ahead For Medical Emergencies 102
Prescription Danger 102
When To Look For A New Doctor 102
Women And Their Doctors 102
Easier Dental Visits 103
How To Tell A Good Dentist From A Bad One 103
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Chapter 5: The Truth About Medicines


Where To Get Information On The Drugs You Take 105
Important Drugs For Glaucoma, Cancer, Diabetes 106
Marijuana Can Be Effective Medicine 107
Antibiotics: Too Much Of A Good Thing? 107
Medication Errors Can Be Avoided... Easily 108
How To Measure Dosages 110
The Eight Most Common Medication Mistakes... And How To Avoid Them 110
Dangerous Drug Interactions 112
Over-The-Counter Vs. Prescription Drugs 114
Finish All Prescriptions 114
Expiration Date Alert 114
Kids' Medication Overuse 114
Prescription Drug Self-Defense I 115
Prescription Drug Self-Defense II 115
How To Save On Your Medicines 115
Aspirin? Tylenol? Advil? None Of The Above? 115
Painkiller Danger 116
Insomnia And Painkillers 116
Tablets Vs. Liquids 117
Economical Cholesterol Control 117
Cholesterol Controversy 117
Aspirin Reduces Colon Cancer Risk 117
Drug Scare Reality 117
Testosterone Patch Is Available 118
Daily Headache Syndrome 118
All About Rebound Headaches 118
Don't Self-Medicate 118
Antidepressant Danger 118
Attention Arthritis Sufferers 119
Break The Strep-Throat Cycle 119
Ulcerative Colitis And Nicotine Therapy 119
Former Smokers And Nicotine Gum... 119
Seizure Relief 120
Aspirin Therapy And Stomach Problems 120
Grapefruit Juice Danger 120
Channel Blockers And Cancer Link 120
Asthmatics And Inhalers 120
Asthma Trap 121
Shingles Treatment 121
Who Should Get The Hepatitis A Vaccine? 121
Cut Your Risk Of Getting An Ulcer 121
More Effective Than Mevacor 121
Better Bowel Movements 122
Magnesium Poisoning 122
Medical History Danger 122
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Chapter 6: Health Secrets For Women


The Secrets Of A Happy, Healthy Menopause 123
The Great Hormone Debate 124
Estrogen Trap 126
Wrinkle Remover 126
Strategies For Avoiding Troublesome Breast Cysts 127
Easy Relief For Hot Flashes 128
Breast Cancer And Abortions 128
Evaluating Breast Lumps 128
Surviving Breast Cancer... How One Gynecologist Saved Herself 128
Milk And Breast Cancer Connection 130
Surprising High Heels Benefit 130
A Bra/Breast Cancer Connection? 130
Smart Sports Bra Buying 131
Most Breast Lumps Are Normal 131
Breast Implant Trap 132
When To Schedule A Mammogram 132
Large Women And Mammograms 132
Antiperspirants And Mammograms 132
Incontinence And Exercise Connection 133
Urinary Incontinence Advance 133
Osteoporosis Advance 133
A Mile A Day... 133
Cancer And Chemotherapy 133
Weight Loss May Not Be Good for Some 134
Hot Summer Days And Premature Labor 134
Depression–Osteoporosis Link… 134
Breast-Feeding Benefit 134
Pregnancy And Smoking 134
Folic Acid's Role In Pregnancy 135
Morning Sickness Self-Defense 135
Pregnancy And Thinking 135
The Truth About "Post-Baby Blues" 135
Bladder Pain Relief 135
How Reliable Are Pregnancy Ultrasound Exams? 136
Anorexia And Older Women 136
Female Athletes And Knee Injuries 136
Bone Density Study 136
Women And Calcium 136
Getting Enough Minerals 137
Incontinence And Smoking 137
How Women Can Outwit The Sneaky Malignancy That Killed Gilda Radner 137
Weight-Loss Health Trap 139
Stretch Mark Help 139
Risky Surgery 139
Cervix-Sparing Hysterectomy 139
Vaginal Douching Danger 140
Unfaithful Husbands And Cancer Link 140
Sex And Urinary Tract Infections. 140
UTI Warning 140
Emergency Birth Control 140
Safest Birth Control Pills 141
Yeast Infection Relief 141
Ease Menstrual Cramps 141
Diaphragms And Cystitis Risk 141
More On Fertility Treatment 141
Treatment For Ovarian Cancer 142
Powder Risk 142
Fertility Drugs And Ovarian Cancer 142
Ovary Removal Danger 142
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Chapter 7: The Healthy Family


What You Need To Know About Your Child's Health Care 143
Are Your Immunizations Up-to-Date? 144
Healthy Toll-Free Calls 145
The Highest Life Expectancy 146
Flu Self-Defense 146
Remedy For Low Back Pain 146
Preventing Back Injuries 146
Declaring War On Asthma 146
Can't Stomach A Roller Coaster Ride? 148
Easier Ways To Get Dressed 148
GERD: A New Name For An Old Problem 149
How To Extinguish Each Type Of Heartburn 150
How To Avoid Irregularity 151
Mosquito Prevention 152
Cuts And Scrapes 152
No More Snoring 152
Children And Sex 153
No More Mumbling 153
Spring Allergies? 153
Hepatitis B Vaccine And Preteens 155
Kids Get Ulcers, Too 155
Young Children Don't Need Pillows 155
Music And Babies 155
Your Baby's Diet 155
What Never To Feed Young Children 155
Exercise Benefits 156
Prevent Infant Tooth Decay 156
Lead And Obesity 156
SIDS Fact 156
Getting Kids To Eat Fruits And Vegetables 156
Kids And Sunglasses Safety 156
The Value Of Imaginary Friends 157
Sleep And Behavior 157
Poison Alert 157
Kids And Caffeine 157
Secondhand Smoke And Kids 157
Kids And Dehydration 158
Skin Care For Kids In Puberty 158
Don't Forget This Person 158
Balloon Danger 158
Children And Choking 158
How To Help Your Child Have A Great Time At Camp 159
Safety Standards For Children's Camps 160
Warts And Children 160
Helping Your Kids Relax 161
Anxiety Disorders In The Family 161
How To Stop A Child's Bed-Wetting 161
Bed-Wetting Prevention Alert 161
ADHD Relief 161
Ear Infections 162
Childhood Ear Infection? 162
Restless Legs Syndrome... Almost Five Million Sufferers... How To Tell if You're One
 And What To Do About It
Puberty Fact 163
Drawstring Danger 163
Three Common Misconceptions About The Two Kinds Of Diabetes 163
Cold Sore Relief 165
Kegel Exercises Beat Incontinence In Women 165
How To Stop Recurring Hemorrhoids 165
Keeping Wounds From Scarring 166
Pediatrician's Home Remedies 166
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Chapter 8: Reduce Stress, Lengthen Lives


You Can Make Stress Work For You 167
Stress Avoidance Secrets: Proven Strategies 168
How To Turn Stress Into Strengths 170
Cut Stress Now... 16 Quick Relaxation Techniques 172
Just Relax! 173
Relaxation Can Control Seizures 173
Quick Stress Buster 173
Sleep Vs. Stress 173
Cholesterol Levels Are Affected By Stress 173
Good For Your Heart 173
Fight Stress Anytime, Anywhere 174
Plants And Stress 174
Top Stress Reducer 174
Music And Stress 174
Writing Helps 174
Wonderfully Simple Stress-Busters 175
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Chapter 9: Hospital And Surgery Awareness


How To Have A Healthier, Happier Hospitalization 177
Signs Of A Good Hospital 179
Hospital Rankings 179
Shrewder Hospital Stays 179
How To Win The Hospital Game 179
How To Survive A Hospital Stay 181
What I Learned About Doctors And Hospitals On My Way To Recovery 182
Don't Let Them Throw You Out Of The Hospital 184
Cold Rooms And Heart Attacks 185
Common Hospital Billing Errors 186
The Truth About Hospitals And Medication Mistakes 186
Shorter Recovery Time 186
Questions To Ask If Considering Heart Surgery 187
How To Prepare For Outpatient Surgery 188
Secrets Of Rapid Healing After Surgery 189
Heart Surgery Recovery Fact 190
Common Procedure May Be Unsafe 190
Shop Around First 190
Heel Surgery Danger 190
Transfusion Trap 190
Anesthesia And Operations 191
Predicting Laser Eye Surgery Success 191
LASIK Surgery Warning 191
Endoscopy... Is Your Doctor Competent? 191
To Reduce Blood Transfusion Risk 191
All About The Latest Fat-Removal Technique 192
The Major Hospital Hazards And How To Avoid Them 192
Safer Surgery 193
Best Hernia Surgery Option 194
Coffee Drinker And Surgery Trap 194
Cataract Breakthrough 194
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Chapter 10: Health Secrets For Men


Hair Loss Prevention... Replacement... Regrowth 195
Make The Most Of Less Hair 197
Domineering Men Die Sooner 197
Men And Their Metabolism 197
Potbelly Risk 197
Almost All Men Can Become Fathers 197
Infertility Factors 198
Infertility And Infections 198
Tight Underwear And Male Infertility 198
Premature Ejaculation Help 198
Safer Alternative To Vasectomy Reversals 198
Impotence Drug News 199
Snoring And Impotence 199
Curved Penis Help 199
Strategies For Overcoming Impotence 199
Treatments For Male Impotence 200
Better Approach To Impotence 202
Impotence Predicts Heart Disease 202
Hormones And Men's Health 203
Saw Palmetto Benefits 203
Treatment For Prostate Problems 203
For The Enlarged Prostate 204
Best Time For Prostate Test 204
Prostate Test Schedule 204
Best Treatments For Prostate Enlargement 204
Prostate Cancer Drug 206
What's Better For Early-Stage Prostate Cancer-Radiation Or Surgery? 206
More Prostate News 206
Testicular Cancer Self-Defense 207
Divorce And Men 208
Breast Cancer Strikes Men, Too 208
Low-Fat Diets And Men 208
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Chapter 11: Food And Nutrition Tips For A Healthier You


Dr. Dean Ornish's Secrets Of Much Healthier Eating 209
The "Healthy" Diet Can Actually Be Bad For You 211
Curative Curry? 212
Fat-Free Food Trap 213
Better Than Butter 213
Eggs Can Be Part Of A Healthful Diet 213
A Most Expensive Hamburger 213
Protein And Kidney Disease 213
Two Are Better Than One 213
Foods Can Change Your Moods 214
Food Danger Zones 214
Salt-Watchers 214
We Are What We Eat 214
Better Pasta Buying 216
Added Fiber Helps 216
Tomatoes And Prostate Cancer Link 217
Red Meat And Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma 217
Vegetarianism Can Mask Anorexia 217
Prevent Asthma, Cataracts, Gallstones And Heart Failure By Eating The Right Foods 217
Finish Your Cereal 218
Nonfat Pancake Recipe 219
Sparkling Waters May Be Sugary 219
Lactose Intolerance 219
Antioxidants And Fewer Health Problems 219
A Good-For-You Frozen Treat 220
Control Your Cholesterol Without Drugs 220
Better Breakfasts 222
Creamy Dishes Without Cream 222
What You Should Know About Caffeine 222
Liquid Nutritional Supplements Are No Substitute for Real Food 223
Distilled Water Is Safe To Drink 223
All About Food Allergies 223
Spinach Pasta Contains Very Little Spinach 225
Power Eating... Foods To Make You More Productive 225
Cancer Self-Defense 226
Wasted Food Statistics 226
Little-Known Blood Clot Buster 226
Counting Calories 227
The Ultimate Summer Barbecue 227
Dangerous Diets 228
Simple Dieting Trick 228
If You Need To Use Eggs... 228
More About Flavonoids 228
Arthritic Knee? 228
Cut Kidney Stone Recurrence 229
Safer Meat Marinating 229
Cut The Fat 229
Proven Diet For Arthritis Pain Relief 229
Fruit Juice Trap 231
Eat Less Fat... Easy Ways 231
Other Calcium Sources 231
Heartburn Or Not? 231
Ales, Beer And Alcohol 231
Healthy Cheese Cooking 232
Medication Trap 232
More Fat-Free Food Traps 232
Treatments For Nail Fungus 232
Reducing Heart Attack Risk 232
Hidden Allergies... How To Identify The Causes 233
Diet And Alzheimer's Connection 234
Social Drinking Facts 234
The Rest Of The Story About Diet And Cancer... Fat Vs. Fiber... And The Best Sources
 Of Cancer-Fighting Phytonutrients
Best Low-Fat Nut 236
Your Diet And Your Immune System 236
Super Fat-Blocker 238
Anticholesterol Supplement 238
Which Fruit Contains The Most Antioxidants? 238
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Chapter 12: Vitamins And Minerals Savvy

All You Ever Really Wanted To Know... Almost... About Vitamins And Minerals 239
Which Mineral Supplements Should You Take? 241
The Value Of Herbal Ingredients 242
Nutritional Supplements: What You Really Need For Optimal Health 242
Which Vitamins? Which Minerals? Here's What I Do 244
Timed-Release Vitamin Alert 245
Where Never To Store Your Vitamins 245
Depression And Vitamin B Connection 245
Calcium Is Inexpensive 245
Vitamin B-12 Alert 245
Vitamin C To The Rescue 246
Vitamin C And Arthritis 246
Possible Ulcer Protection 246
Relief From Colds 246
Vitamin C Danger 246
Cold-Weather Wellness 247
Bladder Cancer And Vitamin C 247
Vitamin C And Artery Link 247
Vitamin D And Diabetes 247
Adults And Vitamin D 247
Vitamin E Protects The Lungs 248
Vitamins Vs. Birth Defects 248
Vitamin E, Aspirin And Stroke Connection 248
Vitamin E And Cuts 248
Vitamin E And Exercise 248
Beta-Carotene Update 249
Folic Acid Danger 249
Folic Acid Benefits 249
Magnesium Fights Migraines 249
Selenium Vs. Cancer Facts 250
More Good Things About Selenium 250
Chromium Picolinate Danger 250
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Chapter 13: For A Healthy Sex Life


The Healing Power Of Good Sex 251
How To Have Great Sex Every Time 253
Herpes Update 254
How To Perk Up Your Sex Life 254
Love And Sex After 60 256
Exercises May Relieve Impotence 258
Prescription Drugs That Affect Sex 258
Better Sex, Better Sleep 259
Women Are Just As Likely As Men To Initiate Sexual Contact 259
Saying No To Sex 259
Sex And Heart Attacks 259
Sex Can Relieve Arthritis Pain 260
Premature Ejaculation Drug 260
Lovemaking Is More Than Sex 260
Drug For Genital Herpes 260
Dr. Ruth's Secrets Of Great Sex 260
Sex Isn't Only For The Healthy 260
Better Communication 261
Sex And Headaches 261
Hysterectomies And Sex 261
Sexual Frequency 261
Home HIV Test Kits 261
Sensual Massage Made Easy 262
All About In Vitro Fertilization 262
Questions That Keep Love Alive 262
Eminent Sex Therapist Reveals Her Secret Weapon Against Sexual Problems 262
Get In Sync 264
Sleep Positions And Relationships 264
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Chapter 14: Growing Older--Healthier


The Key To Successful Aging 265
Alzheimer's Self-Defense 267
On Healthy Aging 268
Latest Findings On How To Live Longer 269
Mistakes Doctors Make When Treating Older Patients 270
Treatments For Parkinson's Disease 271
Vitamin Deficiency And Memory 272
Vitamins Do Help 272
Colon Cancer Detection 272
Stronger Seniors 273
Owning A Dog Can Extend Your Life 273
Safer Lifting Now 273
How To Maintain Peak Mental Ability As You Get Older 273
Estrogen And Dementia 275
Vitamin E And Aging 275
Consider Nursing Home Transfer Policies 275
Fever Danger 275
Blood Pressure Pill Benefit 275
Exercise Improves Hearing 276
Exercise Vs. Alzheimer's 276
The Mind/Body Approach To Arthritis 276
Risk Reducers 278
Fainting Danger 278
Best Shoes For Senior Citizens... 278
How To Guard Against Macular Degeneration 278
Congestive Heart Failure And Blood Pressure Link 280
Alzheimer's Relief 280
PSA Testing: More Harm Than Good? 280
Avoiding Disabling Falls 281
Free Eldercare 281
Dentist May Hold Key To Stroke Risk 281
Stroke Sufferer Fact 282
Alcohol And Disease... Stroke... Diabetes... And Cancer 282
How Effective Is Colon Cancer Drug? 283
Smoking Kills 400,000 Americans Each Year... Here's How Not To Be One Of Them 283
Getting The Right Treatment 284
Rural Living And Longevity Link 285
Medical Care Self-Defense 285
Antiaging Supplements: Dr. Ken Cooper Explains What Works... And What Doesn't 286
Osteoporosis Risk Indicator 287
To Minimize Osteoporosis Risk 287
How To Stay Safe In This Crazy, Crazy World 287
Harry Lorayne's Cures For Absentmindedness 289
Pessimism Can Kill 290
Curing Aggression 291
Hip Fracture Reduction 291
How To Boost A Flagging Memory 291
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Chapter 15: Taking Care Of The Outer You--Your Skin


Make Your Skin Look Young Again Without Surgery 293
Low-Fat Diets May Reduce Skin Cancer Risk 295
Help For Unsightly Scars 295
Does Your Hair Protect You From The Sun? 295
Vitamin C Vs. Wrinkles 295
Skin Cancer—How To Protect Yourself 295
A Day Without Sunshine? 297
Sunscreens Are Effective For Three Years After Purchase 297
Our Skin Would Change Very Little Over Time 297
Melanoma Watch 299
Sunlight Is Not The Only Threat To Skin 299
Rosacea Sufferers 300
Dandruff Shampoo Delay 300
The Big Mistake Shingles Sufferers Make 300
An Itch May Be More Than Skin Deep 301
How To Tell When The Sun Is Dangerous 301
All-Year Sun Defense 302
Much... Much Younger Looking Skin In 15 Minutes A Day 302
Acne Drug 304
UVB Rays Are Everywhere 304
Skin Cancer Sufferer Risk 304
Repairing Skin Damage 304
Sunscreen Danger 304
Sun Protection 305
What Keeps Skin Young... And What Doesn't 305
The Dangers Of Ultraviolet Light 306
Diabetic's Foot Ulcer Danger 306
Foot Pain Relief 307
Melanoma: What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You 307
More Skin Cancer Facts 308
A Word About Surgery 308
What Causes Tiny Red Lines On the Cheeks? 308
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Chapter 16: Health Alerts


All About Leg Cramps 309
Diabetes Alert 310
Disinfectant Danger 310
Rodent Danger 310
Another Danger In the Kitchen 311
The Scary Truth About Blood Transfusions 311
Lead Danger 313
Drinking Danger 313
Underwear Danger 313
Boating Danger 313
Allergy Attacks And Food 314
Ear Thermometer Danger 314
Get A Tetanus Booster Shot Every 10 Years 314
Drinking Unfiltered Coffee May Raise Your Blood Cholesterol Level 314
Another Secondhand-Smoke Danger 314
Yikes! Another Measles Shot? 314
In-Line Skating Injuries On The Rise 315
Stroke Diagnosis Danger 315
Don't Cut Back On Caffeine Suddenly 315
Hidden Dangers In Household Products... In Everyday Foods, Too 315
Meningitis Warning 317
Even The Best Medical Labs Can Make Mistakes... 317
Asthma Attacks Can Be Triggered By Thunderstorms 317
Nose Piercing Is Dangerous 317
Glucose Level Alert 317
Cigar Dangers 318
Even Moderately High Blood Pressure Can Damage Kidneys 318
Smokers' Sleep Trap 318
Shoveling Snow Stresses The Heart 318
Asthma Warning 318
Lead Alert 319
Lead Poisoning Alert 319
Toxic Chemicals Self-Defense 319
Who Should Be Vaccinated For Hepatitis B? 319
Weight-Lifting Danger 319
Drowning Fact 320
Plastic Vs. Wood Cutting Boards 320
To Beat The Heat... 320
Milk And Diabetes Connection 320
Have A Foot Problem? 320
Who's Reading Your Medical Records? 321
Fibromyalgia... New Strategies For Controlling Mysterious Pain And Fatigue 322
Aneurysm Alert 323
Avoiding Drug Errors 323
Gas Fumes Danger 324
Checking Up On Your Thyroid Could Save Your Life 324
Daytime Sleepiness And Narcolepsy 326
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Chapter 17: Weight Success


The 10 Secrets Of Successful Weight Loss 327
Beer Drinkers Really Do Have Bigger Bellies 329
Why Diets Fail 329
Wonderful Ways To Keep Weight Off Once You've Lost It 330
Maximize Your Gardening "Workout" 331
Metabolism Slows With Age 332
Dieting for People Who Have Trouble Dieting 332
Surprising Calorie-Burner 333
The Fat Bank 333
Simple Secrets Of Permanent Weight Loss 334
Free Yourself From Food Cravings 335
Body Shape And Health Risk 336
A Diet For Life 336
Vegetarian Diets: Results Last Longer 336
Do Your Feet Hurt? 336
Lose Weight—Even While You're Sleeping 336
Diet Doctors' Weight-Loss Secrets... And How They Keep Weight Off 337
Calorie Buster 338
The Real Reason It's So Hard To Lose Weight 339
Proven Ways To Lose Weight Wisely 340
More On How To Control Food Cravings 341
Scent Therapy Can Help You Lose Weight 341
How The Weight-Loss Scientists Lost Their Weight 342
Another Benefit Of Losing Weight 344
How To Tell How Many Calories To Eat Each Day 344
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Chapter 18: Healthy Attitudes For Your Work And Home Environment


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: New Preventive Steps 345
Stand Up Straight 346
Healthier Computer Use I 347
Healthier Computer Use II 347
What HMOs Won't Tell You 347
Are You Taking Advantage Of The Family And Medical Leave Act? 349
Everyone Has Anxiety—More... Or Less 349
Workaholism Self-Defense 350
Hostility, Stress And Disease 352
Simple Stress-Reducing Office Routine 352
How To Reduce Job Stress 353
Indoor Pollutants... Easy Avoidance Strategies 354
Environmental Control Of Allergies 356
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Chapter 19: Taking Care Of Your Eyes, Ears And Teeth


The Simple Secrets Of Avoiding Serious Eye Troubles 357
A Sign Of Diabetes? 359
Solutions For Bloodshot Eyes 359
Cataract Self-Defense... Sunglasses... Supplements... Surgery 360
Obesity And Cataracts 361
Protect Your Eyes With Good Nutrition 361
Asthma Danger 362
Glaucoma Busters 362
Glaucoma Treatment Without Side Effects 362
Better Glaucoma Testing 362
Eye Exam Timetable 362
Eye Exercise 363
Itchy Eyes? 363
"Red Eye" Danger 363
Does My 10-Year-Old Need Bifocals? 363
Eyedrop Danger I 363
Sunglasses Update 364
Eyedrop Danger II 364
Eye Injury Reduction 364
Wraparound Sunglasses Offer Best Protection 364
Food For Your Eyes 364
Better Hearing 365
Free Hearing Test 365
Exercise May Improve Hearing 365
How To Prevent Hearing Loss 365
Earlobes... What They Can Tell You 367
No More Earaches When Flying 367
Getting Help For Ringing In The Ears From Tinnitus Sufferer Dr. Stephen Nagler 367
Help For Teeth And Gums 369
Cleaner Kids' Teeth 369
Best Dental Floss 369
Better Brushing 369
Vegetarians Are At Higher Risk For Periodontal Disease 369
Brushing And Flossing Are Not Enough 370
For Sweeter Breath 372
Laser Whitening Procedure 372
What Causes A Burning, Itching Sensation Inside The Mouth? 372
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Chapter 20: Keeping Fit Pays Off


Jack LaLanne's Fitness Magic 373
The Dangers Of Too Much Exercise 375
Walking Your Way To Better Health 377
Inexpensive Ways To Shape Up 378
Health Clubs Can Be Unhealthy 378
Beware Of Health Club Scams 378
Exercise Beats Dieting 378
The Right Time To Exercise 379
Smarter, More Effective Exercising 379
Exercise And Longevity 379
Dr. Kenneth Cooper's Exercise Plan 379
Better Weight-Lifting Workouts 380
Short Exercise Sessions May Be Better 380
Do-It-Yourself Sports Drink 381
Antiarthritis Exercise 381
Exercise Is Good For Asthmatics 381
How To Stick With Your Exercise Regimen 381
Better Stationary Biking 382
Exercise Vs. Insomnia 382
Exercise Surprise 383
"Tubing" Your Way To Strong Muscles 383
How To Get The Most Out Of Your Workouts 384
Overrated Exercise Machines 385
Dance For Health And Fun 385
Better Sleeping 385
Finding The Fountain Of Youth 385
Sore Muscle Relief 386
Hot Weather Jogging 386
Best Swimming Exercise 386
Exercising To Lose Weight 386
Easy Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief 386
Walking With Weights Works! 387
How To Develop The Exercise Habit 387
Exercise Vs. The Blues 388
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Chapter 21: The Whole You-- The Mind/Body Connection


Deepak Chopra's Secrets Of Having Boundless Energy 389
Mind/Body Techniques For Enhanced Wellness 391
20 Minutes A Day To A Much Happier, Much Healthier Life 392
How To Use Guided Imagery For Wellness 394
How To Use Your Mind To Improve Your Health 395
Your Mind And Your Health 397
How To Make Your Mind Very Sharp 399
How To Stimulate Your Cerebellum 400
Mind/Body Made Easy 401
Empower Yourself 401
The Healing Power Of Friendship 401
How The Great Self-Help Experts Help Themselves 403
Exceptional Cancer Patients Live Longer And Happier 405
Intentional Healing: The Do-It-Yourself Way To Perfect Health 406
For Deep Relaxation: Yoga Made Very Simple 408
Midlife Wisdom 409
Four-Step Plan For Beating Obsessions And Compulsions 411
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Chapter 22: Natural Ways And Herbal Solutions


Herbal Teas... How To Grow Them And Brew Them, Too 413
Spices And Self-Healing 414
Ginger For Upset Stomach... And More 415
Medicinal Herbs: Growing Your Own To Improve Physical And Emotional Health 416
Flower Remedies 417
When To Consider Alternative Therapies 417
Treat Stress And Depression The Natural Way 418
Effective Remedies From Your Kitchen Cabinet 420
All About Herbal Remedies 420
Fight Allergies With Stinging Nettle 422
Alternative Remedies For Hay Fever 422
Healing Secrets From A Mayan Medicine Man 422
Safe, Simple Fix For Minor Injuries 423
Two Herbs That Calm The Colon 424
Food And Healing 424
Fast Headache Relief Without Drugs 426
Natural Remedies For Fatigue 426
Natural Alternatives To Common Medications 427
Natural Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure 429
Meditation Lowers Blood Pressure 430
Meditation And Pain Control 430
The Benefits Of Massage 430
Secrets Of Self-Healing From Chinese Medicine 431
Ancient Chinese Secret For Relaxation And Better Health 432
Some Medicinal Oils Are Very Good For You 433
Eat Away Arthritis 434
Natural Remedies For Impotence 435
Natural Year-Round Allergy Remedies 436
Natural Remedies For Pain Relief 437
Good Things About Ginkgo Biloba 438
Ginkgo Biloba Trap 438
Lavender and Insomnia 438
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Chapter 23: Health Care Smarts


Why Personal Medical Research Is So Important 439
Making Sense Of Medical News 441
The Terrible Truth About Medical Misinformation 441
How Does Your HMO Stack Up? 443
Picking An HMO 443
The Value Of Lab Tests 444
Avoiding Anxiety During An MRI 444
Ulcer Testing 444
Genetic Testing Can Save Your Life... Or Ruin It 444
Easily Overlooked Medical Deductions 446
Refund Break For The Ill 446
Health Benefits Alert 446
Prostate Cancer Fact 447
Cancer-Prevention Checklist 447
Cellular Phones And Cancer Risk 447
You Can Catch Up On Sleep 447
Best Ways To Protect Your Lower Back 448
Back Injury Study 448
The Benefits Of Allergy Shots 448
How To Tell If You Are Allergic To Nickel 448
Lyme Disease Update 449
Lyme Disease Self-Defense 449
Illness Can Be Good For You 449
To Avoid Spreading Cold Sores... 449
Hooray!! Lower Cost Prescription Drugs 449
Help For Ex-Ex-Smokers 450
Heavy Smokers And The Nicotine Patch 450
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Chapter 24: Emotional Health Means A Happier You


How Your Emotions Affect Your Health... Proven Ways To Stay Well 451
The Truth... And Your Health 453
All About Moods 453
Secrets Of Inner Strength 454
Letting Go 456
A Survivor's Journey 456
Acupuncture Can Help Depression 458
How To Put Much More Happiness In Our Lives 458
Gambling A Problem? 459
The Smart Way To Handle Negative Emotions 459
Overcoming Fear Of Failure 461
How To Overcome Emotions That Hold You Back 463
Extreme Shyness Is A Health Problem: How To Overcome It 465
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Chapter 25: New Ways For The 21st Century


Alternative Medicine Moves Mainstream 467
How To Get Your HMO To Cover Alternative Medical Treatment 470
Magnets Stop Pain... Ease Arthritis... Help Heal Broken Bones And More 470
Chinese Medicine Works Well On Americans, Too 471
Placebo Power: How To Harness It 473
The Seven Simple Steps To A Century Of Great Health 474
All About Light Therapy 476
All About Prolotherapy 477
How To Harness The Amazing Power Of Your Immune System 478
More About You... Your Immune System And Much Better Health 480
Head Trauma Advance 482
Heart Failure And Biofeedback 482
Electrostatic Massage 482
Abdominal Aneurysm Treatment 483
"Super Glue" Vs. Sutures 483
Multiple Sclerosis Breakthrough 483
Nausea Relief 483
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